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Suzana Pasanec Preprotić, Gorana Petković
This research was realized within the Bookbinding course during one semester. The purpose was to evaluate the quality of teaching process through the collaborate principle of learning. For evaluation, survey and questionnaire were used. This evaluation has put emphasis on students’ critical thinking about teaching process quality, including different teaching environments. At the end of a semester, students completed the evaluation survey and questionnaire form for two teachers, for the one who holds theoretical lessons and for the other one who holds practical lessons. The Bookbinding course curriculum was presented to students at the first theoretical lesson. Students were given precise instructions about all lessons in a timetable, together with all their obligations and expectations through a semester. The research showed that students prefer to collaborate teaching process and that critical system ensures students and learning environment development. They are actively engaged in solving meaningful problems throughout social network model of thinking. In addition, students’ comments and suggestions could stimulate teachers to improve their teaching and learning processes based on critical thinking.
bookbinding engineering, collaborative teaching process, critical thinking, learning outcome, evaluation survey, evaluation questionnaire,